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The Beginning...

Abba Logistics cc was established in 2007. Since then Abba Logistics cc started taking shape and is now established in it's routes. Abba Logistics cc provides hundreds of farmers with their winter nutritional needs for their cattle and other live stock. Compost is also provided to farmers for various crops and plantations, all with amazing results. We have grown into the agricultural sector at an astonnoshing speed and we are still growing!


For the best nutrition at the best price, you can always give us a call.

Still to come...

Abba Logistics cc is currently developing an even better  product to give your live stock just a little bit more and to give you that advantage that you've been looking for.

The Details:

Abba Logistics cc delivers only the best quality chicken manure as feed for cattle and other live stock.
We also use the chicken manure as the key for compost for plantations.